ESG Advisory

Vellum has established one of the worlds first ESG advisory services business to help investors and project owners to assess, plan, measure and validate ESG elements of projects and businesses.

Vellum’s ESG Advisory is also very well equipped to source ESG investment targets, identifying opportunities for it’s clients to acquire projects and businesses that can help them achieve their objectives in both ESG and monetary investment terms.

Our assistance with strategic planning and creating reporting systems can help existing projects and businesses to achieve better ESG outcomes and provide platforms for growth through geographical expansion and acquisitions, combined with organic growth opportunities.


Partner with us

Vellum’s commitment to continual improvement leads us to search for ESG industry leading partners to work with and expand Vellum’s already extensive ESG Advisory services. We want to hear from you if you, your business or institution are making a positive or unique contribution to the advancement of ESG principles or practices.


ESG Advisory

Existing Businesses / Projects / Assets

Vellum assess, measure, advise and create strategies for better ESG outcomes


Vellum can create reporting systems that measure and monitor ESG elements and provide certification of ESG practices

Government and NGOs

Vellum can provide reliable external advice, independent audit and certification of ESG parameters for Governments and NGOs, and their projects and investments.

Identifying Opportunity

Vellum is always seeking and finding new opportunities with strong ESG credentials for investors.

Sustainable Growth

Vellum help business, SME, Governments and NGOs to grow their ESG focus whilst growing their businesses activities through responsible and sustainable programs.


We assist our clients to develop their ESG strategy through planning and reporting, enabling geographical expansion and organic growth.

ESG Advisory