Vellum ESG Fund

The mission of the Vellum ESG Fund is to make real-world impact by investing into projects that meet high ESG standards and have a positive impact on people and the planet, while delivering returns that meet the objectives of our investors.
The Fund has the highest level of governance, stringent ESG criteria and a Female led investment committee that aims to achieve below zero carbon emissions, report measurable ESG impact to investors and provide opportunity to invest in existing projects and businesses with high levels of ESG focus and early stage projects and technologies that we assess to have the highest potential for positive Environmental and Social impact.

Vellum is for INVESTORS

Vellum selects investments to share with Investors that meet generous monetary returns whilst achieving ESG outcomes that meet our shared objectives.

Stringent Risk Management

Reliable ESG assessment and reporting

Measurable ESG Outcomes

Listed and unlisted businesses and projects

Vellum is for PARTNERS

Vellum’s philosophy is that sustainable activities include a mutually beneficial relationship between it’s partners and investors. We work with Project and Business owners to achieve their objectives through providing insight, reporting systems and raising capital.

Raising capital through Equity and/or Debt

Advisory Services including ESG reporting, ratings and consultation

Access to Vellum’s IPO programs

Development of Growth strategies to enable Geographical expansion, Organic Growth and support with M&A

Opportunity for Joint Ventures in ESG Investment

ESG Platforms including access to Scientists, Research Organizations and NGOs

Project based ESG Advisory services


Vellum’s Commitment

Vellum’s commitment to continual improvement leads us to search for ESG industry leading partners to work with and expand Vellum’s already extensive ESG Advisory services. We want to hear from you if you, your business or institution are making a positive or unique contribution to the advancement of ESG principles or practices.

We’d like to encourage Scientists, Research Organizations and NGOs to reach out to one of Vellum’s team members to discuss how we can work together and explore opportunities.

ESG Fund